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Help finding coronavirus emergency business finance.Thank you for your support. Like many, we are a small business that very much appreciate the ongoing support of our customers, introducers and panel of finance companies. They are keeing us going during these difficult times and every new enquiry, or introduction, helps us battle through this adversity.


Coronavirus Business Finance Resources

In response to the crisis, we have pulled together a number of resources to help businesses that are affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19. This news release is compilation of all the help and support that we have published recently, regarding the pandemic. Some of the articles include links to external information and resources.

Our most recent edition of FundingVoice magazine contained a number of articles to support companies that have been affected.

At present, pretty much all aspect of life have been affected by the virus. At the time of writing, the UK is in lockdown, like many other countries, which is making normal trading very difficult for many. However, many companies have adapted to remote working via technology, in order to carry on. Fortunately, many of our the members of our funding panel already had contingency plans in place for events such as this. Therefore, we are able to offer almost seamless continuity regarding access to business funding.

Coronavirus Emergency Business Finance

We have produced articles about a variety of different scenarios, where companies may find they need additional cash flow support, to get through this crisis. These are available for you to read, and we can provide further support if required:

  • Finance for large orders relating to the virus - this covers funding that can help manage the cash flow pressures if you get a large order relating to the Government's efforts to manage the outbreak. This can include finance for medical supplies, items such as ventilators and their associated parts, services such as contracts to provide medical staff or other types of care staff.

  • Government backed loans (CBILS) and alternatives - in response to the cash flow pressures on businesses that are seeing their trade reduced, or eradicated, the Government has introduced the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme. There are also a number of alternative sources of emergency funding for companies that don't qualify, are declined for CBILS or cannot wait if there are delays.

    Following the ongoing rollout of this scheme, there have been reports that many applications and enquiries are not resulting in a loan being approved. Therefore we have detailed an alternative to CBILS that may help those that have been rejected, don't qualify or don't want the burden of a loan.

  • Bounce Back Loan Scheme - loans up to £50K supported by a 100% guarantee from the UK Government. There are alternatives if you don't qualify, have been rejected or don't want to take out a loan.

  • Funding alternative suppliers - as the virus has impacted some suppliers, alternative supply chains may be required and credit terms are not always available. We have been helping overcome that issue.

  • Invoice finance during lockdown - we already have arrangements in place with invoice finance companies that can provide rapid emergency funding to companies, without the need for face-to-face meetings, and during a full UK lockdown. We are also able to add on bad debt protection to any invoice finance facility, for any companies that are concerned about customers failing, and not paying outstanding invoices.

  • Furlough financing - prepayments against invoices raised to the Government in respect of furlough payments for wages claimed on behalf of furloughed employees and staff.

31st of March 2020

We are 2020 Finalists for the Best 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Broker award!

FundInvoice have been confirmed as Finalists for "Best 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Broker" at the forthcoming Business Moneyfacts Awards 2020 - this is the 6th consecutive year... read more
11th of December 2019

Cost Savings Of 31% On 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Achieved

Over the last year we are pleased to have been able to find average cost savings of 31% for clients. These are projected savings found on the combined cost of... read more
14th of October 2019

Fundinvoice Are Finalists For Best 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Broker 2019

FundInvoice have been confirmed as "Finalists" at the Business Moneyfacts Awards 2019, this is the 5th year running that we have made the finals. We are finalists... read more
12th of December 2018

BMF Awards Finalists 2018

FundInvoice are pleased to announce that we have been confirmed as "finalists" in the Business Moneyfacts Awards 2018. You can read details of our nomination... read more
12th of December 2017

FundingVoice Readership Has Grown

FundingVoice Magazine Readership Continues To Grow The readership of our monthly FundingVoice invoice finance online magazine has continued to grow. We have always... read more
27th of July 2017

New Partnership With A Full Service Marketing & Design Agency

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with "In Association", a full service marketing and design agency, in order to provide our clients with access... read more
23rd of March 2017

FundInvoice BMF Awards Finalists 2017

Business Moneyfacts Awards Finalists 2017 - FundInvoice We are delighted to announce that FundInvoice LLP have been announced as "Finalists" in the Business... read more
12th of December 2016

FundingVoice November 2016 Available

 You can now read November 2016's edition of FundingVoice magazine on our website: Read the November 2016 edition This edition has a number of... read more
15th of November 2016

First Capital Factors In Administration

First Capital Factors - In Administration The factoring company, First Capital Factors Limited (FCF) has gone into Administration. Their website states that FRP... read more
28th of September 2016

Funding Help For Recruiters

Funding Help For Recruiters A prime segment for receivables funding is the recruitment sector, both temporary staff and permanent staff. We have a new recruiters... read more
22nd of August 2016

1066 Business Awards Finalists 2016

FundInvoice Are Finalists For The 1066 Business Awards 2016 We are very pleased to announce that FundInvoice LLP have been nominated as "Finalists" in the 1066... read more
29th of June 2016

May 2016 FundingVoice

May 2016 FundingVoice - 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Prices The May 2016 edition of FundingVoice magazine is now available online. It has several pricing example for all the... read more
20th of May 2016

Energy Providers

Financing Energy Providers And Direct Debits We have had several enquiries recently from energy providers that are looking for finance. The deals often involve the... read more
1st of May 2016

ABFA December 2015 Client Numbers

ABFA December 2015 Client Numbers Growth Reflects Low Product Awareness New statistics from the ABFA (Asset Based Finance Association) to the end of December 2015,... read more
29th of April 2016

April 2016 FundingVoice

April 2016 FundingVoice Available You can now read the latest edition of FundingVoice magazine online: April 2016 FundingVoice Our offer of a free pen for anyone... read more
25th of April 2016

GapCap Guest Blog Post About Cash Flow Problems

GapCap Guest Blog Post About Cash Flow Problems And Their Solutions Julian Hornby, of GapCap, one of our selective invoice finance partners, has kindly provided a... read more
9th of April 2016

FundingVoice March 2016

FundingVoice Magazine March 2016 - Help Moving Factoring Companies FundingVoice magazine is now online for you to read. Please use the link in the right hand... read more
2nd of April 2016

FundInvoice Research Quoted By ABN AMRO in RealBusiness

FundInvoice Research Quoted By ABN AMRO Commercial Finance In RealBusiness It was great to see a recent article by ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, published in... read more
31st of March 2016

FundInvoice BMF Awards Finalists

FundInvoice Are BMF Awards 2016 Finalists Glenn Blackman and Sean Morrow of FundInvoice LLP were delighted to attend the Business Moneyfacts Awards 2016 last... read more
18th of March 2016

FundingVoice February 2016

February 2016's FundingVoice Magazine Is Out The February 2016 edition of FundingVoice magazine is now available online: Business Finance You Don't... read more
23rd of February 2016

FundingVoice January 2016

January 2016 Edition Of FundingVoice Magazine Is Out The latest edition of our FundingVoice magazine is now available online: FundingVoice January... read more
31st of January 2016

Contract Finance

Contract Finance Now Available We can now help you access Contract Finance which can provide 80% against contracts, licenses, subscriptions and retainers - up to... read more
19th of January 2016

FundingVoice December 2015

December 2015 Edition Of FundingVoice Magazine - Now Out The latest edition of our free invoice finance magazine is now available to view online: FundingVoice... read more
22nd of December 2015

100% 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 For Life

Up To 100% 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 For Life One of our funding partners has a special offer that gives new customers up to 100% funding levels (less charges), through... read more
11th of December 2015

BMF Awards Finalists 2016

FundInvoice LLP Business MoneyFacts Awards Finalists 2016 - Please Vote We are delighted to announce that FundInvoice LLP are, for the 2nd year running,... read more
9th of December 2015

Black Friday Offer

Black Friday Offer - Free 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Quote With Up To £10,000 Of Cost Savings Paid In Advance Here is our black friday offer: The good news is you... read more
27th of November 2015

November 2015 FundingVoice

The November 2015 edition of FundingVoice magazine is now available: FundingVoice... read more
24th of November 2015

Everything About 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线

Everything About 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Our latest article is published: Everything you need to know about invoice or sales finance. It sets out everything that you... read more
3rd of November 2015

October 2015 FundingVoice

October 2015 FundingVoice Magazine Available The latest edition of our magazine, FundingVoice, is now available to read online: FundingVoice October 2015 It... read more
14th of October 2015

No Personal Guarantees

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Without Personal Guarantees From Directors If you are looking for invoice finance, or factoring, without personal guarantees one of our funding... read more
14th of October 2015

FundInvoice 2 Years Old

FundInvoice is 2 Years Old Today Happy Birthday to FundInvoice! Two years old today. Time to celebrate!... read more
12th of September 2015

Golden Hello Offer First Quote

First "Golden Hello" Quote Is For £4,000 To Be Paid In Advance Under our exclusive "Golden Hello" invoice finance offer, the first customer has just been... read more
9th of September 2015

How To Overcome Late Payment Excuses

How To Overcome Late Payment Excuses - New Guide Available We have a new guide explaining how to overcome common late payment excuses that you may hear from... read more
2nd of September 2015

Golden Hello Offer

Exclusive "Golden Hello" 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Cost Saving Offer One of our funding partners has offered a generous incentive scheme, exclusively available through... read more
26th of August 2015

Credit Control Guide Published

Free Invoice Collection "How To" Guide Available Our new guide, how to do your own Invoice collection is now available online for you to read. It includes... read more
18th of August 2015

FundingVoice August 2015

FundingVoice August 2015 Edition Now Available The latest edition of FundingVoice magazine is now available: FundingVoice August 2015 It includes: FundInvoice... read more
12th of August 2015

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Research Report

New 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Research Report Available To Download Our latest market research report, regarding the invoice finance sector, is now available for you to... read more
30th of July 2015

Sources Of Finance For Startups

Alternative Sources Of Finance For New Start-up Businesses Our latest video, now available on our YouTube channel, is "Alternative Sources Of Finance For New... read more
29th of July 2015

Updated Information Pack

FundInvoice Updated Information Pack Now Available An updated version of our PDF information pack is now available to download. It includes: How our service... read more
24th of July 2015

Finalists 1066 Business Awards 2015

FundInvoice - Finalists In The 1066 Business Awards 2015 We are pleased to announce that FundInvoice LLP were nominated as "Finalists" in the 1066 Business Awards... read more
14th of July 2015

July 2015 FundingVoice Magazine

July 2015 Edition Of FundingVoice Magazine Available The latest edition, July 2015, of FundingVoice magazine is now available online: FundingVoice July 2015 It... read more
8th of July 2015

Secure SSL Certificate Added

Secure SSL Certificate Added To FundInvoice Website We have added a secure, SSL certificate to our website to give customers confidence when dealing with us over... read more
23rd of June 2015

35% 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Cost Savings

35% 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Cost Savings We have looked at all the prospects and clients, that we have handled over the last year, and of those that were looking for... read more
30th of May 2015

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Advertising

List Of Which UK 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Companies Are Advertising? We have a new article on the site which sets out the list of UK invoice finance companies that our... read more
21st of May 2015

Business Show 2015

FundInvoice Attend Business Show 2015 & Business Startup At ExCel We recently attended the Business Show 2015 at ExCel and the connected Business Startup... read more
15th of May 2015

ABFA Research Briefing

ABFA 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Research Briefing We were very pleased to be able to brief the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) on some of the findings from our invoice... read more
6th of May 2015

How Businesses Find 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线

Article - How Businesses Find 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 - Quotes From Actual Clients We have asked existing invoice finance users how they found their way to products like... read more
26th of April 2015

3 New 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Research Articles

3 New 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Research Articles Published 3 new articles have been added to the site. Each focuses on different aspects of our recent survey of invoice... read more
23rd of April 2015

Drone Imaging 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 For Drone Photography and Video Services We are able to find invoice finance for the growing sector of businesses providing drone photography,... read more
7th of April 2015

Startups 100 2015 Entry

Startups 100 List Entry Submitted For Judging FundInvoice has submitted its entry for the Startups 100 List 2015. The list is compiled of the top 100 most... read more
27th of March 2015

BMF Awards Pictures

Business MoneyFacts Awards 2015 Pictures FundInvoice were pleased to have been nominated as "Finalists" in the 2015 Business MoneyFacts Awards, within the category... read more
25th of March 2015

FundingVoice March 2015

FundingVoice March 2015 Edition Now Available You can now view the latest edition of FundingVoice magazine online: FundingVoice March 2015 It includes: An... read more
19th of March 2015

Research Summary Presentation

Research Summary Presentation I have uploaded an abridged copy of our research summary presentation that was given to one of the high street banks that asked for... read more
17th of March 2015

Market Research Summary 2015

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Market Research Summary 2015 You can now download a PDF summary report of the research that we have carried out, relating to invoice finance, over... read more
4th of February 2015

FundInvoice Ratings & Reviews

FundInvoice Ratings & Reviews Page Now Available We have added a new page to the site where customers and prospects can submit ratings and reviews about... read more
29th of January 2015

Vote In Business MoneyFacts Awards 2015

Voting Has Opened For Business MoneyFacts Awards 2015 FundInvoice LLP are finalists for the Best Asset Based Finance Broker of the Year 2015 in the Business... read more
5th of December 2014

Minimum Contract Period 7 Days

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Minimum Contract Period Just 7 Days We always endeavour to bring you the latest deals and offers - this is very much "hot off the press". One of... read more
4th of December 2014

Finalists Business MoneyFacts 2015

FundInvoice Finalists For Best Asset Based Finance Broker - Business MoneyFacts Awards 2015 We are pleased to announce that FundInvoice LLP are finalists in the... read more
28th of November 2014

Mystery Shopper Full Report

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Mystery Shopper Full Report - August 2014 This is the full report from our invoice finance mystery shopper survey that was completed in August... read more
18th of November 2014

Award Application Submitted

Business MoneyFacts Asset Based Finance Broker Of The Year Award 2015 Application Submitted We have just completed and submitted our application to be considered... read more
6th of November 2014

October 2014 Funding Voice

October 2014 FundingVoice Magazine Available The latest edition of FundingVoice Magazine is now available: October 2014 FundingVoice It includes: Average... read more
24th of October 2014

Updated Info Pack

New FundInvoice Brochure Info Pack Now Available We have updated our brochure, information pack which you can download (in PDF form) here: FundInvoice Brochure... read more
22nd of October 2014

Latest Average Cost Savings

Average Cost Savings Using Our Quotation Search Service We have looked at our performance recently and checked the statistics on the number of clients that we are... read more
21st of October 2014

More Confidential Factoring Options

More Confidential Factoring Options We are always looking out for new products and another provider has just joined our panel offering a full Confidential... read more
6th of October 2014

Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance

Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance Launches 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 An article in Credit Today published yesterday explains that Arbuthnot Banking Group have launched a... read more
30th of September 2014

Mathematical Factoring News

Mathematical Factoring Resources News We have had a number of web viewers looking for information and help with mathematical factoring, the division of numbers... read more
20th of September 2014

List Of UK Factoring Companies

List Of Factoring Companies In The UK Here is a list of factoring companies within the UK, if you have any to add please get in touch. We would be happy to put you... read more
18th of September 2014

Testimonials From Well Known Companies

Testimonials From Well Known Banks And 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Companies In addition to providing testimonials from client we thought it would be good for clients to be... read more
16th of September 2014

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Companies Research On Squidoo

Research About 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Companies On Squidoo I have put together another summary of some of our research findings about invoice finance companies on... read more
13th of August 2014

Reasons Invoice Discounting Clients Switch

Reasons Invoice Discounting Clients Switch The reasons why invoice discounting clients say they will switch was just cant companies are detailed in our recently... read more
12th of August 2014

Invoice Discounting Clients Research

Invoice Discounting Clients Research Results Available Online The first results of our survey of invoice discounting users are now available: Invoice Discounting... read more
7th of August 2014

Innovation Finance Startup Finance

Innovation Finance Small Business Startup Finance Here is a link to our interview with David Wright of Innovation Finance about their small business finance... read more
5th of August 2014

September 2014 FundingVoice

Articles In September 2014 FundingVoice The following articles are going to be included in the next edition of FundingVoice, due out in September... read more
4th of August 2014

Next FundingVoice Magazine

Next Issue Of FundingVoice Magazine Will Be September 2014 The next edition of FundingVoice magazine will be sent out in early September 2014 to avoid the holiday... read more
2nd of August 2014

Invoice Auction

Invoice Auction Option For Single Invoices Or Batches An invoice auction is an option open to clients. As an alternative to an ongoing arrangements, some clients... read more
1st of August 2014

Invoice Discounting Survey

Invoice Discounting Client Survey We are just finishing the analysis of the findings from our invoice discounting client survey. We interviewed 54 randomly... read more
31st of July 2014

Factoring Clients Research

Factoring Clients Research Survey Results Published Results from our survey of existing factoring clients is now available online: Factoring Clients Survey... read more
30th of July 2014

Reasons To Move Factoring Companies

Reasons To Move Between Factoring Companies New results from our survey of factoring users - details of what would make them move between different factors:... read more
29th of July 2014

FundingVoice Magazine 2nd Edition

FundingVoice Magazine 2nd Edition Available Online We have scheduled the email delivery of the 2nd edition of Funding Voice magazine but you can read it online... read more
14th of May 2014

New Spot Factoring Case Study

New Spot Factoring Case Study We have a new case study on the site about a client that we helped find a spot factoring facility: Spot Factoring Case... read more
6th of May 2014

Factoring Compared With Overdraft

Calculator Comparing Factoring Benefits With Bank Overdraft We have a new spreadsheet calculator on the site - one that allows you to compare the cost benefits of... read more
1st of May 2014

Startups 100 2014 Entry

Startups 100 2014 FundInvoice Entry Submitted We have entered FundInvoice for consideration for the Startups 100 list. #startups100 Startups 100 Index The... read more
30th of April 2014

Quick Quote

Quick Quote For 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 If you need a quick quote for invoice finance we have now added a much shortened form into the right hand column of our website so... read more
29th of April 2014

Factoring Cost Savings Calculator

Factoring Cost Savings Calculator We have added a factoring cost savings calculator to the site. Its an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to input the details of... read more
17th of April 2014

New Start Ups Financing Infographic

Infographic Summarising Our New Start Ups Financing Survey We have added a new infographic which summarises the findings from a financing related market research... read more
10th of April 2014

Market Research Summaries Available

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Market Research Findings We have added a new area to the site: 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Market Research. Where we have put links to our three research... read more
9th of April 2014

Help For A Business That Previously Failed

Confidential Invoice Discounting From A Reputable Invoice Discounting Company For A Business With Previous Business Failures We have just been able to help a... read more
5th of February 2014

New Construction Project Finance Alternatives

New Construction Project Finance Alternative There are very few invoice finance companies that will handle construction sector businesses. The issue... read more
10th of December 2013

Factoring Used To Buy Out A Company Director

New Case Study - Factoring Used To Buy Out Company Director Our latest case study is now available and covers the use of factoring to raise finance to buy out a... read more
2nd of December 2013

Funding Voice Articles Available

New Articles Available Via Funding Voice Magazine We are getting ready to publish the first edition of our new cash flow magazine "Funding Voice Magazine". These... read more
29th of November 2013

Construction Project Finance

Construction Project Finance Article We have just published a new article about Construction Project Finance, the article explains this alternative to method... read more
27th of November 2013

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Against Green Deal Invoices

黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Against Government Green Deal Scheme Invoices We have just published a new article about raising invoice finance against government Green Deal... read more
19th of November 2013

Factoring Calculator

Factoring Calculator Launched We have launched a factoring calculator that allows you to calculate the amount of funding you could receive from factoring and other... read more
19th of November 2013

List Of 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Companies Published

List Of UK 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Companies Published By FundInvoice We have just put up a list of invoice finance companies in the UK. Below is a link to the page: List... read more
5th of November 2013

Infographic - How Does 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Work?

Infographic - How Does 黄片在线直播,亚洲图欧美日韩在线 Work? We have just put up a new inforgraphic that explains in 5 very easy steps how invoice finance works. To download the... read more
5th of November 2013

Free Information Pack From FundInvoice

FundInvoice Free Business Finance Information Pack Now Available The team at FundInvoice LLP are pleased to advise that their free information pack about business... read more
1st of November 2013

Fund Invoice Website Launched

FundInvoice New Website Launched The team at FundInvoice LLP are delighted to announce the launch of this newly revamped website. The site will encompass all of... read more
20th of October 2013



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